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There is no ‘truth’ outside a context: implications for the teaching of analytical psychology in the 21st century

Journal of Analytical Psychology, 2007, 52, 127–142 Michael Horne, Seattle, USA Abstract: Humans are from birth embedded in a historical and contemporary context of meanings. This always constrains their theoretical and practical activities. In this paper, I will be suggesting that there are no guiding ‘truths’ outside such contexts. In order to understand the foundations of any concept or new idea, it is important to comprehend the context in which it is embedded. Candidates and some of their teachers have very little knowledge of the intellectual context in which Jung or any other analytic theorist wrote. As a result, the analytic ‘founders’ are often believed to have discovered ‘truths’ transcending the context of history and of everyday life. They were, however, as much creative synthesizers as pure originators. I propose that the … Read entire article »

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