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Philosophical Assumptions in Freud, Jung and Bion: Questions of Causality.

Journal of Analytical Psychology, 2000, 45, 109–121 Michael Horne, Seattle, WA; Angela Sowa, Palo Alto, CA; David Isenman, San Francisco, CA Abstract: The historical development of concepts of causality in philosophy is described. Since the Enlightenment and the growth of science, exponents of the two most important concepts, determinism and teleology, have been in conflict. At the inception of psychoanalysis at the end of the nineteenth century this conflict was particularly intense. It was the cause of the first major schism in psychoanalysis between Jung and Freud. Psychoanalytic theorists have continued to disagree over this issue. Post-modernist philosophy has abolished all metaphysics and therefore called into question concepts of psychic causality. Parallel to, but uninfluenced by this development, Bion has developed a psychoanalytic conceptualization which may be seen as transcending … Read entire article »

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